Terms of Services and Refund Policies

Payment Terms

    1. For every service we offer, it is required from the client to pay 50% payment of the project upfront.
    2. Remaining 50% payment will be required at the completion of the project. Once the remaining dues are cleared, then the project will be deployed/send to the client.

Refund Policy

    1. Refunds are only made to clients who want to discontinue our services in the start of the project or in the first week. Prior notice of at least 24 hours is required via email of phone.
    2. If the project has reached to mid or has been completed and ready for delivery, then there will be no refunds. Client will also be required to clear the remaining 50% payment to receive the completed project/files.
    3. If the project is completed and is ready to be deployed (upon receiving the remaining 50% project charges), and at this time if client wants to discontinue our services and is not interested to accept the project and to pay the remaining 50% payment, then the paid upfront payment (50%) will not be refundable.

Project Confirmation Fee

    1. We have started to charge a Project Confirmation Fee just in case if a client decides to stop, hold or discontinue the assigned task during the project's first week. This fee is applicable to all service-based projects we offer.
    2. Every project has a $100 Project Confirmation Fee, which is included in the prices of each service. For example, if a website design cost is $895, then PCF (Project Confirmation Fee) will be deducted from that amount ($895 - $100). This fee will have no influence on the original project pricing that the client and DN Fella agreed on.

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