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We have been in the business for over a decade and designing professional websites is what we are good at. To offer quality combined with affordable and professional solutions, we at Moderate Marketers are always up to ensure customer satisfaction at its maximum. We make sure to cater multiple needs of businesses so they get the best design and marketing services under one roof. From designing websites for small business owners to local SEO services, you will find our services quite inspiring and economical with a wide range of variety. Below is a list of web design and online marketing services we offer to our clients:

Website Design

Having a business website is crucial for every company. And not that, a business website should have all the features and attractions to ensure its visitors can navigate it easily. We at DN Fella have web designers who have a combined experience of more than a decade of designing professional business websites. Your website will be designed with all the important essentials of today's technology so that your web site can stand ahead of the competition and can have the potential to turn your business into your success.

Small Business Web Design

Having a website for small business is not a trend anymore but has become a necessity to ensure you get maximum exposure online. The world of Internet has changed drastically and if your small business has no online presence, then you are surely losing a lot of business. We are specialized in designing small business websites for different sectors and industries. Our web designers have a unique way of handling every project and we take pride in delivering quality without compromising anything. Our website packages are competitive and are based on catering to a larger audience.

Responsive Website Development

One of the important things after having a business website is to make sure it is can be viewed by your visitors on different devices without any trouble. As we live in the age of mobile, iPhones and tablets, it is important to make a website accessible on multiple devices without reducing the quality or its original design. Desktop, Tablets and Mobile compatible websites are called a responsive web design and it ensures your audience to see your website exactly the way it was designed, without any image breaks or any scrollbars.

Web Development

The world of Internet business is changing and growing at a rapid speed. For business it has always been an important factor to ensure that their websites are fulfilling their customers' online. And to stay on top of competition, it is important to have a web presences that have all the features your online business can use. So whether you are looking for a starter website development or are interested to have a self-managed business portal, our web developers can do it all keeping quality as their core. We are specialized in developing websites for many markets and you can count on our professional developers to do the job exactly how you want it done.

Customized WordPress Development

WordPress is the leading platform for designing, developing and managing websites without knowing any computer languages or HTML programming. As WordPress is easy to use for many, more businesses an individuals are getting their websites developed in WordPress so that they can easily manage their website without any additional help from web developer or programmers. We at Moderate Marketers are specialized in developing customized WordPress websites for the price you will find most affordable. So if you are looking to get a WordPress website developed for your business or want your own blog in WordPress, do let us know.

Convert Website Into WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) with features that anyone can use to update and manage their website without any help from web developers. If you have a website designed in simple HTML and you would like to convert it into the easiest platform of WordPress to manage it all by yourself and to avoid the hazard of hiring a developer to do it for you every time you need to update your web site, then we can surely help you with this. Our WordPress Developers will not only convert your existing website into a WordPress website, but if you want a new customized design for your website developed in WordPress, then it can also be done by availing our Customized WordPress Development services.

Website Audit

No wonder your website is not performing if you are not putting the required efforts for the improvement and marketing of your website. Our website audit service is just the thing you need if you are sure that something is missing big time in your web site. Our audit covers initial analysis of your site pages and we also suggest improvements and how your site can perform well in Google and other search engines. Let our professionals have a look at your site and leave the rest to the specialists. Initial audit of upto five web pages is free.

eCommerce Website Development

Thanks to hundreds of thousands of online shopping sites, eCommerce industry is predicted to collect revenue in high billion dollars. As appealing as the whole eCommerce website idea sound to many, but if your online store is designed without considering what users find it easy while shopping online, then your eCommerce web site may not perform the way you would expect. Our online shopping site development and other eCommerce related website development services is all you need to become a brand of tomorrow.

Website Redesign

If the design of your website sucks and is bringing no business for you, then it is time to see things out and identify what lacks in your company website. The first thing to consider is the design of your website. The design must be moderate, user-friendly and with necessary features to attract visitors and to engage them in the site. A business website is your online identity and visitors must be given a easily view information and can navigate it without any irritation. Redesigning a website can also increase your potential in the market you are in and can open new doors of success.

Website Maintenance

It is always great and enjoyable to do things that are of interest and benefit for the business you are in. So why don't you manage your business and marketing of your company and leave the maintenance of your website to us along with all its technicalities. Our website maintenance programs are flexible and cater a large number of maintenance features that every website needs on an ongoing basis. We also offer dedicated plans to maintain larger websites that needs to be updated frequently.

Complete SEO Services

Having a website is one thing and to make it reach out to the world so it can receive relevant traffic is another. Optimizing your website for search engines is essential to receive target traffic. It should also be understood that every website is different from other and require exclusive strategy for its marketing and optimization needs. A non-optimized website is just like buried treasure, it is precious for many but no one has found it yet. Our complete website SEO services are exactly what you need to ensure your site gets a prominent search engine exposure along with benefits that other top-ranked websites receive.

Local Search Optimization

You may already have heard about why local SEO is important for getting coverage from your target region as well as receiving more customers and sales leads through your website. Our local search optimization services are just what your local business needs to get the most from your website. Our local business marketing plans have a variety of features that are sure to bring you more business. And to make things even clear, we discuss our overall local SEO marketing strategy with our clients before executing anything. We also provide monthly SEO reports so our performance and efforts can be evaluated using the provided data.


We know how difficult it is for small business owners to understand the technicalities of how websites should work for their benefit and how Internet marketing is supposed to bring them profits. That is why we have just what any small business would need. Our website consultation and SEO consultancy services are offered just to cater this missing link and other similar requirements. From hourly based consultancy to a full month consultation plan, we have the right thing for your online business to make it stay on top of your competitors. We have been designing and developing websites for over a decade so you can surely trust our instincts when it comes to having a perfect website running.

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Starter Website


  • 10 Pages

  • Static Header

  • Basic On-Page SEO

  • Inquiry Form

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Social Media Icons

  • Hosting (optional)

Small Business Website


  • 20 Pages

  • Text + Image Slider

  • Basic On-Page SEO

  • Inquiry Form

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Social Media Icons

  • Hosting (optional)

WordPress Starter


  • 3 Page Layout

  • Text + Image Slider

  • 5 Plugin Installation

  • Inquiry Form

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Social Media Icons

  • Hosting (optional)

Professional WordPress


  • 5 Page Layout

  • Text + Image Slider

  • 10 Plugin Installation

  • Inquiry Form

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Social Media Icons

  • Hosting (optional)

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$200/year cost includes web hosting and site maintenance of upto 2 hours per year. The hosting and maintenance packages are designed by DN Fella. If you have specific hosting or site maintenance requirements, please contact us to discuss a customized monthly plan for your website.

Website marketing (SEO) packages include On-Page Analysis, fixes, recommendations, link building, content marketing (client can provide their own content to us for submission; free of charge), monthly SEO progress report, consultation through email or/and Skype.

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